The Brain Gauge is a cognitive assessment tool that uses touch-based sensory testing to directly measure your brain health. The device interacts with our ProTools (or RxTools) web application to deliver a series a sensory perception tests which have been designed to test a diverse range of brain functions. 

The Brain Gauge uses the same principals as an eye test: we steadily increase the difficulty of questions in order to determine how well you can differentiate between two things. However, instead of using letters or shapes directed at your eyes, we use precise vibrations that 'buzz' your fingertips. 

The Brain Gauge measures more than just touch sensitivity; when stimulated, the nerves in your fingertips activate specific regions of the brain, and each test is designed to assess the interactions between and within these critical regions. We've got decades of research and clinical studies that demonstrate this connection, and have correlated our test scores with a wide variety of neurological conditions. The Brain Gauge has been used to identify and monitor concussions, traumatic brain injuries, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, and numerous other brain function irregularities.

By stimulating your fingertips in a series of precise vibrations, and then asking questions about your corresponding perceptions, we can directly measure the activity between different regions of the brain.