The Brain Gauge Home is our most popular model for families, individuals, and anyone that would like to personally investigate their cognitive function. Each Brain Gauge Home comes with our downloadable ProTools app, which allows you to create unlimited custom testing sessions and up to 5 personalized avatars. ProTools also contains tools to analyze and assess your cognitive function. 

The Brain Gauge Pro is our flagship product and the most popular model amongst chiropractors and athletic trainers. The Brain Gauge Pro is capable of delivering tactile stimuli with an accuracy of less than 1 nanometer (0.000000001 meters, or one ten-thousandth of a millimeter). The Brain Gauge Pro also allows users to test an unlimited number of patients and then export results in a PDF or spreadsheet. 

The Brain Gauge MD is our prescription-only device that can be purchased by any licensed medical professional. This device is also eligible for insurance rebates with the appropriate CPT codes. Each Brain Gauge MD comes with our RxTools application, which alerts users to signs of cognitive impairment. The Brain Gauge MD is compliant with FDA regulations and ISO 60601-1 / IEC 14971 standards.